Monday is a community-driven token, established by creative people backed up by awesome developers. We want ours and your ideas to come to life and create and develop tools and services that will make an impact easier and more fun as your life moves on in the crypto world. This is an infinite project; This is the future, this is MONDAY LAND


Earn BNB with Monday Invest.

A new way to save up for something you want.

We will set aside 100 billion tokens to be transferred to a locked Wallet.

The tokens will be swapped to BNB and moved to investment account in binance. This amount together with 5% of the fee from each buy done in the exchange will end up in the investment Wallet. From here it will be swapped to BNB and a trading bot will trade crypto in various markets with low to medium risk. 100% of the profit from this trading will be automatically transferred as BNB back to the MONDAY Wallet holders. Based on the number of tokens you have, you will get the divided part of the profit each Monday as long as you hold and as long as you have your tokens in a MONDAY Wallet. Nice huh? Imagine how big this pool will be after some time. It will grow and the profits will hopefully grow as well as the bot will learn and learn and do better and better. It’s working for you, for free.


We will create and develop a 3rd generation wallet suited for the future demands of use. This will the home of future development products from Monday as it is an app as much as a wallet.

Some features will be:



Q1 2021
Q2 2021
Q3 2021
Q4 2021
Meet a Crew of Professionals

Our Team

Andreas Head of business and consept
Early on, Andreas started not being happy being one who makes a living from delivering for others. he quickly took action and started his own company. His expertise in business development and communication has led him to become general manager and co-owner of one of Norway's largest companies for one-on-one communication with customers. His engagement for crypto led him to participate in Monday
David Head of marketing and development
With many years of experience in sales, marketing and management, David has worked with major brands and companies in Norway. He has been the prime mover in various start-ups and foundations of companies. His expertise in communication and relationship-building skills has led him to a place where he is currently part-owner of a digital Performance agency and one of the main heads behind the concept Monday.
Viktor Development
As a developer with a wide range of areas and a constant view of further developing and improving the solutions that all exist, Viktor has for many years, despite his young age, worked with advanced development. can mention that he masters areas within: Full-stack JS developer with MERN, MEVN stack. CMS frameworks such as Shopify, WordPress, Magento. Blockchain Developer BigData Engineer. Linux Administration.
So, WHo is MONDAY?

Out of the box.

We look at the possibilities that exist and expand them to something that provides what already exists, new uses and additional services. The growing team behind this token sees the crypto world from above and outside in. It’s a fresh team that asks silly questions, throws out the wildest ideas, and breaks the barriers with new and creative thinking.

So, here on MONDAY office, there is never a day without creativity, hard work and high commitment. MONDAY wants to create something new, and that is what we have done, and we will do it over and over again. We wanted to make tokenomics better, giving you who holds tokens, more benefits and more sources of income based on a single investment.

There’s no endgame for MONDAY, the sky is not the limit, it’s an infinite project and we hope the best community “the Monday People” will keep MONDAY alive forever.

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